Reviewed by: University of Adelaide
Review by David Friswell | 14 March 2024

A satire that pushes itself right to the very edge of what is morally (and legally!) allowed, An Evening with JK pits the notorious transphobe JK against the interview chair of her worst nightmares, a trans woman. While certainly funny, the subject matter strains against the comedic impulses of frontwoman, Anna Piper Scott, who plays JK with just enough of a knowing wink to hook the audience in and keep it entertaining. However, as the protests pile up outside the walls, the reality of the situation rears up to confront you as the audience member. This woman is (maybe or maybe not) based on real life. JK really does believe these things. It breaks your heart to see a childhood idol disappear into themselves, but this show attacks these important issues with a sensational tact.