Reviewed by: The Clothesline
Review by Noah Edwards | 11 March 2024

[CABARET/Magic ~ UK]

The Peacock at Gluttony, Sat 9 Mar, 2024.

London Calling is a show that all ages will enjoy, and as 2023’s Pick Of The Fringe my expectations were high. The British-themed show had it all; dancing, magic, stunts and puppets. Following a very extravagant intro, our host Paul Dabek bounces on to the stage to begin the story of London Calling; he’s witty which kicked off the comedic atmosphere that built throughout the night. Debek and Charlie Caper showed the audience some mind-blowing magic tricks, leading the audience to ask if what they are seeing is real.

Magic, circus and cabaret work well together but, at times, it lost sight of the original premise; the story of London Calling wasn’t really there. Instead, it was more a show about flying into and things about London. There were some cheeky jokes throughout, and some amazing juggling, gravity-defying aerial work and mesmerising hula hooping that kept eyes open and jaws dropped.

There is plenty of chances for audience chatter and interaction with the performers – especially if you choose to sit front and centre. This was a full house, but if you prefer a more quiet setting, Dabek suggests checking out a midweek show with friends.

Don’t let yourself miss out on this magical and electrifying show featuring world-class performers from Cirque du Soleil, The Illusionists and winner of Sweden’s Got Talent.

That’s “London Calling”, I’m answering, are you?