Reviewed by: What's on in Adelaide
Review by Adrian Hill | 10 March 2024

London Calling is top-shelf circus, comedy, magic and all-round entertainment. 

What sets this show apart from other similar genres is the creativity and attention to detail with set designs. Some shows will simply present a performer spinning hula hoops in a sparkly outfit. This show starts with a pre-performances  on well thought out stage  settings. For example, an airplane transported back in time which then segways into the act.

For the juggler, the scene is set at a railway station which then provides the stage for the most amazing juggler I have ever seen, juggling suitcases, lying on her back. It's simply impossible what she is able to do.

What also sets this performance apart from other circus / comedy acts are the personalities of the performers. There's a alot charisma  - and sometimes needed attittude -  to enhance the role. It's an acting performance in its own right without the tricks, which makes the journey far more enjoyable. 

You are guaranteed to laugh regularly, be amazed constantly and be truly entertained every second of the show. I can't imagine  anyone not absolutely loving this show.

They are often booked out on the weekends so try them out during the week to help fund this high end performance. 

You will be properly chuffed and bonkers not to hand over a few quid to see London Calling.