Reviewed by: The Clothesline
Review by Sarah Mena | 08 March 2021

Umbrella Revolution at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Sun 7 Mar.

One of Adelaide’s Fringe Festival staples has yet again returned to thrill and delight audiences young and old. Keeko and Bongo bring us their tried and tested show that is jam packed full of tricks, music, dancing and, of course, drumming!

We start off by getting warmed up with a bit of monkey yoga and quickly move on to the first trick of the show. We meet the flying monkey brothers who have come all the way from Italy. Our drumming friends also teach us a lesson about recycling and caring for our planet; a theme that is touched on throughout the show – one that would be great if it was explored a bit more extensively perhaps, but at least great that it was part of the show and something that could spark further conversation with the kids. There was also story time with two pink seahorses and finished with another trick to reveal what’s under the mysterious basket.

Unfortunately, but understandably, there were no drums handed around for the kids to have a play on (a highlight of any Amazing Drumming Monkeys show) but the crowd were loving it regardless. Whenever given the opportunity, the crowd got to their feet, stomping and clapping along; kids and adults alike. It was a joy to not only watch the monkeys do their thing but to see everyone having so much fun. If you’ve got some funky dancers in your house, and love a good beat, definitely head along because, honestly, can you say you’ve even been to the Fringe if you haven’t seen The Amazing Drumming Monkeys?!