Reviewed by: FIFTY+SA
Review by Anastasia Vento | 05 March 2024

London Calling returns to Adelaide Fringe with a 60-minute, fast-paced and British-themed show, featuring suitcase juggling (yes, you read that right), magic, hula hooping, aerialists, and unbelievable stunts. Host, Paul Dabek, takes the audience on a spectacular journey with the help of his professional performers, and not to mention, his quick-witted humour and impressive acts of his own.

 We were first introduced to Antje Pode, who captivated the audience with her mad juggling skills. While lying on old-fashioned suitcases, she juggled one on her feet and spun it around like a basketball. I’ve never seen anything like it! The crowd watched in awe as she added another suitcase and eventually, she made a mannequin dance on her feet. The audience continued their applause well after the act, in what was truly an unforgettable performance.

 I decided then and there that magic must really exist, because Charlie Caper, winner of Sweden’s Got Talent, made objects appear and disappear with the tap of a stick. I won’t give too much else away, but this act had my eyes glued to his every move from beginning to end.

 Sam Goodburn was next to take the stage with an outrageously cool unicycle stunt. He got himself out of bed in just… ahem… underpants and a night cap. While riding his unicycle, he proceeded to dress himself – shirt, jacket, and pants – for the busy day ahead, taking us on an edge-of-your-seat ride.

 Chelsea Angell’s hula hoop performance had the crowd clapping to an Austin Powers soundtrack. She went from four hoops to dozens, expertly stacking them around her body. And, of course, Shaunah Johnson’s rope aerial stunt was very impressive – she swung and twirled from the high ceiling, leaving many people around me gasping and uttering ‘wow.’

 Timed to the song, The Circle of Life, host, Paul Dabek, showed off his talents in hand shadow puppetry. It was unreal how real his animals looked on the screen – we saw birds, meercats, rabbits and more.

 London Calling highlighted many well-known and loved British themes; the performers were highly skilled and entertaining. There was never a dull or silent moment, with lots of praise coming from the crowd. Some jokes and scenes were better suited to adult humour, but the show is mostly for all ages.

 Attend the show until Sunday 17 March at The Peacock at Gluttony – Rymill Park. It’s a spectacle not to be missed!