Reviewed by: Glam Adelaide
Review by Nicola Woolford | 05 March 2024
Whitney – The Greatest Love of All is created by Charmaine Jones, accomplished and nationally renowned musical teacher, director, and vocalist. Jones brings the energy, charisma, and glamour of Houston to the stage, complete with dazzling costume changes. Her voice is lyrical and powerful, faultlessly performing Houston’s striking gospel-inspired pop melodies. She also coordinated the entire show, yet somehow makes it all look effortless. She is accompanied by a full band including keyboards, drums, bass, guitar, and the essential saxophone. Eight members of Jones’ musical troupe Gospo Collective join her on the stage. Their glittery costumes, perfectly rehearsed choreography, and powerful voices are a delight to watch. Their performances are vivacious and showcase a wealth of local talent. There is also a backing choir of sixty behind the band, whose timing and energy never falter, creating an almost church-like auditory experience. The team of performers show the expansive reach of Whitney Houston’s timeless music. From different backgrounds, genders, and generations, people come together in her honour. During a touching medley of When You Believe and Greatest Love of All the Gospo Collective is joined by Jones and some junior members, ranging in ages from perhaps eight to twelve years old. They begin to sing with the lyrics “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Their voices are bright and beautiful. Though some of the younger singers are visibly nervous, it is lovely to see the cheerful support they receive from the Gospo Collective. It is a meaningful moment in the show. Other stand out songs include: I Wanna Dance with Somebody, How Will I Know, I’m Every Woman, I Will Always Love You, and Higher Love. Whitney proves that, whether consciously or not, our lives have all been touched by the Princess of Pop. Her music will never stop being celebrated and enjoyed. Jones’ show is a must see, if you enjoy live music and powerhouse performances.