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Review by Shane Berketa | 26 February 2024

An entirely new concept and show arriving at Gluttony for the Adelaide Fringe comes in the form of the Academy of Magic, a children's show that delves into the secret world of magic to teach kids (and adults) some of the secrets behind this spellbinding art form. With Mr.13 coming along with me to check out this show, we had loads of fun listening to the stories behind some of the world’s oldest illusions, hearing some terrible jokes, and learning how to perform some simple yet spellbinding magic tricks that will amaze our family and friends.

Hosted by Drew Magic, Professor Karen, and expert magician Tom Weill, the trio goes out of their way to make this an interactive and positive environment for kids to have fun, gain confidence and uplift themselves through the use of magic. Being a first show, there may be a couple of kinks to work out, but overall, they created such a warm and welcoming space that you couldn’t help but be caught up in all the magical wonder and laughs they created throughout the performance.

Being a parent, I realise that it’s hard for children to sit still for an hour just watching a performance. That’s what makes this interactive workshop so special. Children get to learn (AND take home) four magical tricks that they are taught at the Academy of Magic, plus they are given ample time to chat and practice the tricks at their tables. No need to be quiet and sit in your seat for a full hour, it’s more like a relaxed classroom environment set in Hogwarts - with a big emphasis on having a great time through learning magic.

I’ve seen so many fantastic children’s Fringe acts over the years, but none have made me smile as much as the Academy of Magic. Kids yelling out excitedly at tricks being performed in front of them, the laughter that filled the room when a child took part onstage, and the wonder and awe of learning the secrets behind the magic all make this one of the shows you should be checking out this year. Enjoy!