Reviewed by: See Do Eat Review
Review by Justine Hall | 24 February 2024
From the mind of magician Reuben Moreland comes a lively new show celebrating the wonder of magic. No stranger to show business, this marks his one-man debut at the Fringe. Hailing from New York, Reuben is a wholesome figure and an endearing entertainer. His sweet nature makes his occasional break into crude humor all the more hilarious, and his natural chemistry with the audience combined with his stage presence makes for a charming performer. Audience participation plays a big part in the show. Audience participation plays a big part in the show. The show tends to lean more into the physical comedy sphere, with a lot of the entertainment coming from Reuben regaling tales of his childhood with an amusing set of props. At one point we even get an impromptu Broadway-inspired musical number dedicated to his childhood enemy. It’s all good-natured fun. There were times when it felt like the comedy didn’t quite land, and some of the self-deprecating humour seemed to be lost on the audience. Nonetheless, most of the skits elicited hearty laughs from the crowd; even a few of the audience volunteers surprised us with some unexpected but impressive comic timing. The magic tricks are entertaining, though they seem to play second fiddle to the theatrical side of the show. The illusions we do get to see are striking and brilliantly executed, especially Reuben’s disappearing/reappearing card tricks. There are a couple of brilliant moments of planting and payoff, the most notable being a pickle jar that seemingly cannot be opened by any normal human being. With this level of control over his craft, more chances to showcase his magical talents wouldn’t go amiss. Abracadabra Bitch is an overall fun ride. If you’re a fan of magic, visual humour and settling childhood grudges, Reuben will keep you more than entertained. Hilarious, heartfelt and thoroughly enjoyable. FOUR STARS ****