Reviewed by: The Barefoot Review
Review by Arna Eyers-White | 20 February 2024

Justin’s BIG Ballon Show

Presented by Showmen Productions

Sunday 18 February


As the lights go down in the May Wirth, a montage of shots from a television show shines from the stage. Fanciful creations made entirely from balloons have the audience gasping with delight. Turns out they are from ‘Blow Up’, a television competition which the excited Justin tells us he actually won! No one was more surprised than him!

Justin goes on to give us a potted history of his background in circus and magic, and how his newfound love of ballooning has led to the creation of his new show, which combines all three. And like all good shows, it starts off with a bit of fire action, and an assistant appearing out seemingly nowhere.

There’s a lot of interaction with the kids in the audience, and they just love it. One is chosen to go inside the big balloon-filled glass box (which immediately reminds me of the kid who crawled inside one and had to be smashed out, but that’s another story) and according to a message inside one of these burst balloons it’s decided that Justin will make a poodle, apparently the first animal he ever made.

And so he does, a nice compact poodle, which he gives out to an audience member. But then he’s presented with bigger balloons, so makes a bigger poodle. And then again and again, until he’s making huge, man-size poodles which of course no one wants to take home with them because they cannot fit them in the car!

Sam, his partner and friend (who also features in Circus The Show) is introduced to assist with some of the act. Juggling, illusions, some magic and a bit of life philosophy; Justin had it all. Of course his wacky assistant (Imaginathan?) had to have his moment to shine – an enormous balloon went over his head, and his body, until he was jumping around the stage fully enclosed!

It’s great to see a new show for kids in the Fringe, and this is a winner. It’s interactive, it’s funny, it’s clever and it makes kids want to emulate what’s going on. Justin brings an energy and authenticity to the stage that kids immediately relate to, and the adults don’t think it’s half bad either!


Arna Eyers-White

When: Until 17 March

Where: The May Wirth, Gluttony