Reviewed by: Play & Go Adelaide
Review by Claire Davill | 18 February 2024

Justin won Australia’s balloon-themed reality TV show Blow Up, and it’s not hard to see why. His ability to turn balloons into amazing creatures, inventive props and even whimsical nuggets of life advice is second to none. But Justin isn’t just a balloon maestro – he’s an excellent magician, and his show seamlessly blends the two in a fast paced, zany and very positive performance that delighted everyone in the audience – but especially the kids.

Justin knows how to work a crowd, he’s excellent with kids and there are many opportunities for audience participation (even for the adults). His enthusiasm and positivity is infectious, and he’ll not only leave you wondering “how did he do that?” but also leave you with some sage life advice as well!

With guest performances included, you’ll see increasingly larger balloon animal creations, daring magic tricks, giant balloons enveloping an entire person, and a balloon creation so large you’ll wonder how it could fit backstage.