Reviewed by: Adelaide Antics
Review by Adelaide Antics | 02 March 2021

NATALYA PLAYS: 8-bit 'n' Chill - a Piano Concert ★★★★

Classically trained pianist Natalya Aynsley of Natalya Plays Piano has two spectacles for you to check out at this year’s Adelaide Fringe. For anime lovers there’s Natalya Plays: Anime 'n' Chill - a Piano Concert (check out our previous review published yesterday!), and for gaming aficionados Natalya presents this show - “8-bit ‘n’ Chill”. 

The premise of this show is quite simple – our host plays a myriad of songs on a grand piano from variety of video games, and you don’t necessarily have to be a video game geek (*ahem fan *) to enjoy this concert!

In between each piece Natalya gives us some insight into why she chose to include it in her concert and what the video game is actually about, breaking it down into simple terms for us lamers!

Despite not knowing many of the arrangements, I found that I was recreating the games in my mind to the soundtrack Natalya was constructing with her fingertips. Her storytelling through her instrument as well as through her own experience is truly enthralling as an audience member. 

We have the pleasure of hearing arrangements from Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Kingdom Hearts (Natalya’s favourite game!) and there may even be a Super Mario medley thrown in for good measure!

So pause that video game and come celebrate the music from the iconic ones you have grown up with being reimagined by a highly trained and passionate musician. You don’t want to be the one having to “console” all your friends if they miss out on this show! 

Info & Tix:
Venue: Nexus Arts, Lion Arts Factory