Reviewed by: Fresh 92.7
Review by Jemma Boyd | 01 March 2021

8-bit ‘n’ Chill is a bonding experience for video game lovers and normies alike. It’s a refreshingly human experience with a simple premise – Natalya plays piano arrangements of the soundtracks of everything from Final Fantasy to Call Of Duty. It’s wonderful.

Natalya creates an intimate and warm atmosphere with conversational anecdotes between pieces. The elegant otherworldliness on piano contrasts beautifully with banter filling the negative space. 8 Bit ‘n’ Chill plays out not unlike a house party where a talented friend is peer pressured into putting on a DIY concert – sometimes awkward, charming and in the case of this show, breathtaking.

Great care is taken to showcase how the music of the gaming world can be all at once whimsical, playful and silly (there may have been a Mario Bros Medley) and moving, emotional, cinematic and epic. A grand piano truly is the perfect instrument to give life to all the different moods of the medium, swelling and scoring heroes’ journeys, evil empires, lovers’ themes and loading screens.

As a person far removed from video game culture, I was amazed to find myself feeling nostalgic for games I had never played. This is a huge credit to the emotionally charged performance from Natalya, where I was able to feel my way through the context and explore the musical world of each storied game universe. For the hardcore gamers, I can only imagine the satisfaction.