Reviewed by: Kids in Adelaide
Review by Tim Cooper | 18 February 2023
A comic who mingles with the crowd pre-show, is as likeable and relatable as they come and who brings a very polished and professional set? If that tickles your fancy you are going to love Amy Hetherington's new show 'Juggle'. Coming off the back to her 'Crying Over Spilt Milk season last year (catch an encore showing if you are lucky this year too!), Juggle focuses on the battle of all parents of young kids...juggling all the balls that comes with being an adult. The mum crowd is Amy's core audience for sure, but as a Dad of young kids it was relatable as can be and it was clear the audience just adored the show. But best thing is, she is bloody funny. Really funny and this comic gem will find herself up in the marquee fringe tents before we know it!