Reviewed by: Kids In Adelaide
Review by KheShan Gronow | 18 February 2023

They have done it again! The team behind our favourite family Fringe show of 2022 have delivered another wonderful piece for 2023. Party For Two is possibly the most unique show for kids and makes such a lovely change from the usual Fringe shows for kids we are used to.

Our host and storyteller, Helen has the kids in the palm of her hand from the moment the show begins in the Summerhouse Rotunda at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. She tells the story of her friends, Sheldon and Tucker, of how they met and how she came to plan their birthday party each year. However, this year she needs help! The children absolutely loved following Helen to 'The Birthday Tree' and helping her set up.

Everyone has a job and Helen has the most wonderful way of making each child feel like they have done their job perfectly. There is bunting to hang up, lemonade to be made, sandwhiches to cut up, presents to be wrapped and of course we need to sing Happy Birthday!

Party For Two is such a delightful change of pace to the Fringe shows we are used to - we had just had a really stressful morning with the kids and by the end of the show we were all feeling relaxed, calm and ready to face the day! If Helen could please move into our spare room at home to entertain the kids all the time, that would be wonderful, thank you very much!

Being so interactive, Party For Two is more than just entertainment - it gives the kids a chance to use their problem solving skills, practise their social skills as they work with other kids to setup for the party and let them delight in the simple things in life, such as setting up a birthday party.

If you are sick of the bright, busy and loud Fringe shows, this is the show for your family!