Reviewed by: Kids in Adelaide
Review by Tim Cooper | 13 March 2022

This was the most fun this 40yo kids show reviewer has had in AGES! With an 8yo and 18 month old in tow, we laughed hysterically, shot nerf guns at each other, smashed inflatable donkey kong barrels, tried to pick the Among Us imposter in the crowd and bonded over trivia from video games from both of eras. Seriously, this was right in our ball park and we couldn't get enough of it. Don't take our word for it either (but you should....we totally know our stuff), but you should take the word of the packed house full of families having an absolute ball for the hour of video game and quiz fun! If you have a 5-15yo gamer, then just book this show. Now. You will thank us later......and if you aren't a gamer, you will honestly still have a blast with the energetic, enthusiastic and bloody hilarious on-stage team.