Reviewed by: Kids In Adelaide
Review by Jacki Bishop | 26 February 2022
Part magic, part imagination, part real life...... this show is an absolute delight for families, encouraging kids to return to a simpler life, switch off from technology and reconnect to a sense of community. This show is highly interactive and don't think the adults will get off lightly! The saying 'it takes a village' has never been truer than in this immersive experience. Everyone has a role to play and everyone is supported in their role by the other audience members (aka villagers) and the performers. You will build your home, collect supplies, get to know your neighbours and celebrate as a village through a traditional Kaurna welcome, toasting your arrival and dancing around the 'heart of the village' - a stunningly decorated tree that serves as the centrepiece to the show. The set, props, lighting and music that accompanies the performance set the tone perfectly - warm lighting, gentle music and earth inspired props to create a welcoming, magical village. Return To The Village is unlike any other performance you will see this year - if you are looking for something a bit different that will inspire your kids to interact and play, this is the one for you.