The Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund has been developed to provide financial assistance to Australian artists registering their work in the Adelaide Fringe.

As an open access arts festival, many artists self-present their work in the Adelaide Fringe using their own funds. They are creative entrepreneurs, not only creating the work but then taking the financial risk of presenting that work themselves. Many receive no government funding and often just a small amount of financial assistance can mean the world of difference.

Your donation or bequest will help to support these artists in achieving their goals.

This financial assistance means that the artist is then able to bring in a director or dramaturge; create costumes and sets; hire a publicist or increase their marketing campaign; help with travel and accommodation costs; or even create a pop-up Fringe venue for their work.

In appreciation of your support, donors will be recognised annually on and listed in the Adelaide Fringe Guide.

Donations can be made as part of your ticket purchase when purchasing any Adelaide Fringe tickets, merchandise or vouchers or you can...


Thank you!

Thank you to the following people who have donated to the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund.

Frank J Ford 
The Griffins Hotel 
Gregory Clarke 
Margaret E Lehman 
Bill Spur 
George Potter 
Catherine King 
Margaret Woodcock 
Rob Brookman 
Dikea Hadjis 
Julie Moralee & Andrew Van Essen 
Simone McDonnell 
Julia Pitcher 
Peter Louca 
Kym Martin 
Jan Turbill 
Steve Grieve & Christine Putland 
David Minear & Vicki Minear 
Sam Haren 
Lee Verco 
Ruth Croall 
Carol Papandrea 
Anthony Coles 
Frank Ford 
Mary Abbott 
Nick Phillips 
Vicki Vidovick 
Tom Skipper 
Jennifer Layther 
Rebecca Draysey 
Lee Verco 
Carol Papandrea 
Julianne Pierce