The search for Australia’s greatest DIY brewer is on!

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Our friends at Coopers have launched Master of the Brewniverse, a once in a lifetime brewing competition. What’s the prize? The winner will have their beer brewed and canned by Coopers and sold nationally at Dan Murphy’s – and if that wasn’t enough, they’ll also receive 100 cases of their winning beer and be crowned Master of the Brewniverse, talk about bragging rights!

Never brewed before, no worries! With Coopers DIY Beer, brewing is as simple as Mix, Brew, Bottle, Enjoy. To get started all you need is a Coopers DIY Beer Brew Kit, available for a limited time at $99 from or at your local Dan Murphy’s.

Once you’ve got your brew kit, you’ll need to brew with at least one can of Coopers DIY Beer extract. You can brew on your own, or rally your crew, and create a brew worthy of the title; Master of the Brewniverse!

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