About the Poster

All In by Rebecca Davis

Say hello to our poster for Adelaide Fringe 2024!
Rebecca Davis, the winner of the 2024 Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition with her artwork 'All In,' is an accomplished artist with a rich history in both graphic design and visual arts. Hailing from Adelaide, she began her artistic journey by studying at the University of South Australia School of Art and later pursued a Diploma of Visual Communication at Design College Australia in Brisbane. Rebecca's work spans various mediums, characterised by humour and diversity. 

Her winning poster for the 2024 Adelaide Fringe, titled 'All In,' reflects the competition's theme of 'arts unlimited.' It features a vibrant array of whimsical characters, showcasing collaboration, passion, and excitement. The poster pays homage to various art forms, with spotlights nodding to theatre and music. 

An artist with decades of experience, Rebecca now works as a graphic designer and communicator in Brisbane, and has always had a love of Adelaide Fringe.

“I’m beyond excited to have won the poster competition for Adelaide Fringe. I often submit an entry as Fringe holds a special place in my heart, and to win, to play a significant visual part of Fringe in my home town – well it’s thrilling, a dream come true. I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity. A huge thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey.”  - Rebecca Davis 
Listen to the audio description of Rebecca Davis' poster All In below.
Rebecca has created 14 whimsical characters that will be seen throughout the Fringe. Listen to the audio description of the characters below.