Shape of Play - Three people with brunette hair in close up have their heads stacked close together with neutral expressions.

Shape of Play

• Immersive
South Australia • World Premiere

Inspired by the imprint-like sculptures of Noguchi’s abstract playgrounds and his concepts of non-directive play, this immersive work centres around creating possibilities for playfulness, vulnerability and joy. Incorporating sculpture, movement, sound and poetry, this playscape invites everyone - in any stage of life - to leave their mark. Created by a diverse team of emerging Adelaide artists who ask "when do we have time to play?". How can we make space for play in our arts practice and in our everyday? We invite you to enter a world where there is no age limit on imagination, and the spaces we leave behind are vessels to be filled by you.

"Will you join me in the vulnerability of believing, if just for a moment, that the present could be a place to play?"


Presented by: Small Flock