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Punk Trilogy (Beginning, Middle & the End)

Cabaret • Multimedia
International • World Premiere

Punk Trilogy (Beginning, Middle & the End)

Presented by the film director and performance artist Saara Lamberg. This is not one show, but three. Each 60 minutes combine film, punk music, poetry, interactive art, improvisation and maybe other artforms. Performances are not suitable for children and unexpected things could happen. Join the director in their journey into learning and destroying (story) structure. Audience are invited to participate in all three shows as each is different, or pick and mix.

Presented by: Saara Lamberg

Finnish Australian Saara Lamberg is a director, actor, writer and producer. She has received several awards for her work, including the Best Film at the IFF (Milan 2018), the Best Film at the FAFF (Los Angeles 2017), Cinema Australia Audience Award (Melbourne 2017), Bronze prize at the Beverly Hills screenplay contest (Hollywood 2013), Best Actor at Comfy Shorts (Melbourne 2014), Best Drama at the Connect Film Festival (Melbourne 2014) and Best Actor (Lithuania 2004). She lived in England 2006-2010 and studied in the critically acclaimed Dartington College of Arts, graduating with a BA (HONS) degree in Theatre and Choreographic Practices in 2007. She moved to Australia in January 2010 and does multidisciplinary art work as an actor, director, poet and comedian.