Living in a Rich Naberhood

Comedy • Performance
His name is Rich Naberhood coz that's where he's from. And with 50 years of life experience and 20 years of stand-up comedy experience, there are some original stories that need to be told. Like the days of touring with the late Mark 'Chopper' Reid. What an adventure that was! Working with Sam Newman was different.

Getting old sucks folks! At half a century your body starts disagreeing with your brain. You think you might be able to do something but the body says otherwise! There will be stories of true-life experiences about being 'Rich' and poor at the same time in a notorious suburb. Maybe even a bit of song and dance! Guaranteed a laugh!

★★★★ "There were lots of laughs, and Rich's cheeky demeanour made his down-to-earth humour hard to resist" The Advertiser

Presented by: Rich Naberhood

Rich Naberhood has been performing stand-up comedy since 1998 appearing at many pubs, clubs and theatres throughout Australia.

Working with various celebrities like; Lehmo, Steddy Eddie, Austen Tayshus, Sam Kekovic, Darren Lehmann etc, etc, has made it possible to perfect a presence on stage and deliver comedic material to a vast range of audiences.

Supporting Jim Davidson (UK) when he toured Australia was definitely a learning experience.

Frequently touring with the late Mark Brandon "Chopper" Reid expanded my show and profile and working with Sam Newman was a lot of fun!

“There were lots of laughs, and rich’s cheeky demeanour made his down-to-earth humour hard to resist” ★ ★ ★ ★ The Advertiser