Know Your Enemy/Talking Underwater (Double Bill) - An extreme close up of an actor's face with blue wave light illuminating their eyes. Underneath, a mid-shot of three cast members, two males standing behind a female ominously with pink wave light illuminating them.

Know Your Enemy/Talking Underwater (Double Bill)

In ‘Know Your Enemy’ by Alyssa Meade, audiences meet Alice and her anxiety, who is literally personified as a sarcastic and darkly funny character called ‘You’. Will Alice manage to cut through the chaos of teenage parties, school and family pressures,  overcome her inner voice and be brave enough to follow her dreams?

In 'Talking Underwater’, we meet Riley, a young person with Autism who shares their unique perspective on the world around them. This poignant play juxtaposes Riley’s stress and trauma with joyful moments of friendship and young love in an illuminating portrayal of a week in the life of a neuro-divergent teen. 

Archangel Theatre Co's new works are innovative and authentic. This is exciting theatre made by young people, for young people, and the adults in their lives. 

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Theatre
South Australia • SA Premiere

Thu, 22 Feb - Fri, 23 Feb

2 hr 30 min

Theatre One at The Parks Theatres

$15 to $20

M (5 Warnings)

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