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Connection EP Launch by Hunter Rogers

Step into the enchanting world of the Fringe as Hunter Rogers takes the stage once again.

This time, he's set to enchant your senses with his latest creation, the EP titled 'Connection.' These new songs are a heartfelt ode to the profound human spirit of interconnectedness.

But that's not all! In addition to his fresh tracks, he revisits the enchanting melodies from his previous show, 'Invisible Orchestra.' The ethereal blend of sounds and emotions in this collection will transport you to another dimension.

And there's a delightful twist to the performance! Hunter will showcase his classical side, mesmerizing the audience with powerful arias from beloved operas.

This is a chance to witness the artist's versatile talents, taking you on a musical adventure that spans genres and emotions.

Music • Solo show
Australia • Australian Premiere

Sun, 25 Feb

60 min

Courtyard at Robe Terraces


PG (1 Warning)

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