Reviewed by: Kids In Adelaide
Review by KheShan Gronow | 27 February 2023
Calling all teachers, TRT's, pre-service teachers, retired teachers, secondary school teachers, primary school teachers, school principals, children of teachers or people who have children and therefore know what it's like to be a teacher (right?!) - this one is for you! Libby and the team who brought you the cabaret sensation 'Endo Days' are back and this time it is the noble profession of teaching that they are poking fun at. As teachers themselves, Libby and Matt know what they are talking about too - Extra Curricular will take you through the horrors of professional development days, all of the buzzwords and acronyms that get (over)used in schools, the joys of parent teacher interviews and the highlight (or lowlight - depends who you ask!) of the school year- SPORTS DAY. Libby, Matt and their band have come up with a bunch of original songs that are odes to teachers everywhere. You will be bopping and laughing along from the start at their clever lyrics and even get the chance to show off your best school spirit when Sports Day rolls around. The songs are interspersed with stories from Libby's time as a teacher which will make you laugh, cringe and feel an overwhelming appreciation for teachers everywhere. I took my Mum with me who fits into the "retired primary school principal category" and she didn't stop nodding and laughing the entire show. This is Fringe cabaret at it's absolute best - you don't need a huge budget or fancy staging to put on a great show full of life. Extra Curricular gets an A+ from me! Head along, then take your kid's teachers a bottle of wine to school the next day.