In our culture we honor our culture and Tradition and we have soo much ways to communicate and send a message through Traditional nomos and custom. The picture you see clarifies the traditional Dance performed by one of our tribes in Ugandan communities. This was due to a traditional ceremony.
A friendly Animal to a man having a good sessional in his relaxing time . That's some of my visual  Art  work.
This is the family of the king of the Jungle, the greatest Animals in terms command and anxiety in the world of the wilds.

Visual Art

Am Kalyesubula Amos, a Ugandan Artist who does and experienced in Visual Art as a charity to develope community youth talents forexample,"paintings, Batiks"and sculpts". I have been doing this since childhood but professionaly being a visual performer this has been 8 years after college.  I have performed in different places both in and out of my country but mostly Expo's and Exhbition, I love visual becuase thats the only way i can tell different stories and i conncet with community, I do like" Wild life, acient history, Tradition and cultures " and this makes my work very vividly attractive and very important. I would love to explore the Entire Globe through my Visual Art skills with experienced drawings which tell  different storie. I  love to draw stories with my pencils and board.

Visual Arts and Design • Visual art
Uganda • World Premiere

Fri, 02 Feb - Sat, 16 Mar

4 hr to 11 hr

2nd Floor Function Room at The Lost Dice


R18+ (1 Warning)

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