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About this event

POST have made a new show. It’s about the world.

Nat & Mish have been on a road trip. They’ve talked to hundreds of ordinary people the old-fashioned way - face to face, over cups of tea, to get their take on what the world looks like.

What do they do with all this information? Obviously, ask a high end digital technology laboratory to create the slowest search engine imaginable, to store and access this treasure trove of banal observations.

Come and have a play on their database, internet thingy, better described as a digital bingo machine and find the extraordinary in the everyday.

We Are the World is part town hall meeting, part Wikipedia wormhole, where you the audience navigate your own adventure, to be performed anew each night by POST.

Join them for their very real virtual tour of the virtual… In real time.

“The sheer, manic drive of the performance, its bracing informality, the self-belief, its mad poetry” RealTime

Presented by:
Actors Ink & Joanne Hartstone

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