The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf

• Cross-Artform
SA Premiere
Dance, theatre and comedy are fused into a great big hilarious wonderland that you can't resist!

Take a wild ride on this rollicking adventure that unleashes the untamed inner wolf that hides within us all. A powerful experience, this highly relatable production flips 'normal' upside down and swats at the relentlessly buzzing mosquito that is anxiety. As with all fables, in our modern times we must re-examine our assumptions and explore new perspectives; Prying Eye re-imagine well known wolf tales within the context of today's society.

"This is contemporary dance but not as you know it!" - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

*A work of critical relevance that creatively invokes conversation about anxiety, 'WOLF' has been made in consultation with Queensland Alliance for Mental Health.

Presented by: Prying Eye Productions

Prying Eye collaborate with the space & people around them to create unique, relevant & physical productions of cognitive & emotional depth. Crossing from tangible reality, traversing the landscape of imagination, their powerful & entrancing works linger long after the performance is over. Peers, reviewers & audience proclaim them ‘outstanding’ dance artists & their work: spellbinding; powerful; physically demanding; superb; emotional; committed; bold; & engaging.
With over 16 years of global arts experience, Prying Eye are well recognised for their excellent work. Recipients of the Sidney Myer/Tim Fairfax Capacity Building Program and granted competitive choreographic residencies, their works have been commissioned for Australian dance companies, festivals and tertiary institutions.