The I Hate Children Children's Show Rock and Roll Spectacular!

β€’ Music
World Premiere
Pet Slugs and Rock and Roll!!!
Join the cast of the award-winning I Hate Children Children's Show as they take your whole family on a non-stop sugar rush of live music, funny songs, mind blowing magic, comedy and of course, signature child hating.

The banter is non-stop and hilarious, the wit is razor sharp and the music will have you dancing in the aisles. Dishing up drinks for parents and disappointment for kids, the I Hate Children, Children's Show has won the hearts of audiences young and old across the globe and now they're psyched to bring you this brand new spectacular. Starring the meanest magician in the world backed by a killer live band, if you love your children but hate boring kids shows, come get a taste of this.
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Presented by: Paul Dabek