The Best Corn Chip In The Universe

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Physical Theatre
SA Premiere
Mike's life is routine. He cries out to the Universe for "Something More!". The Universe responds. Didn't see that one coming, did he? Let's hope he's ready. Using physical theatre, puppetry and clowning, you'll witness the creation of the universe, evolution, black holes, Omnipotent Beings, cups of tea and a Corn Chip; The Best one in the Universe.

Presented by: Michael Cullen

Whether it’s Wombat, WarHorse or Workshop, Michael‘s true joy is in sharing stories that allow us to step outside of our selves and see the world anew. He has acted and taught in Australia, Europe, East Timor, Brazil, and China. Theatre credits his debut, award winning one-man show; The Best Corn Chip In The Universe, Macbeth and Taming Of The Shrew for Sport For Jove Theatre, WarHorse, Construction of The Human Heart, Closer (Apocalypse Theatre), ERTH’s Dinosaur Zoo and The Frail Man. Film/ TV credits: “TIMELESS”, “Tricky Business”, “Underbelly-RAZOR”, “Packed To The Rafters”, “Home and Away” and “Shelling Peas”. He is loves creating positive, transformative opportunities for himself and his audience.