Soma - Sound Bath

Music • Performance
Australian Premiere
Join us for Soma Sound Bath, for 3 shows over 3 nights in the spacious Harts Mill, Flour Shed at Port Adelaide.

An improvised performance exploring deep meditational states. Experience a live, diverse soundscape interweaving electronic sequences, synthesizer, singing bowls, voice & other instruments delving into an inner journey of harmonic healing vibrations.

Here the composer-musician will be using the latest in mind-heart coherence biofeedback tools directing musical soundscapes.

An interactive extension of the SOMA - body transformation installation;

b.y.o. mat/cushion to sit or lie down.

Presented by: Sacred Resonance

Set up by Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt, through visionary thinking and higher experience of the Divine incorporating music, visual form and the sacred arts. Sacred Resonance - is a business that works with top musician's, researchers and spiritual thinkers of this current age.

Their work involves the latest discoveries in musicology, archeoacoustics, brain -body entrainment with the consciousness sciences, for a fresh experience of colour, vision and music being unified.