Mike and Dave do Cash and Dylan

Music • Blues & Roots

A tribute show to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash! Over three nights David Lane and Michael O'Flaherty will perform a wide range of songs from the two folk and country giants. With a catalogue of well over 100 studio albums and countless bootleg recordings, the Adelaide duo have a lot to cover.

From their classics (such as 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'The times they are a changing'), to their less-known B-side gems, to their utterly bizarre Christmas albums, everything is on the table. It will be as if the two movies 'I Walk the Line' and 'I'm Not There' had a love child, but with far more attractive lead actors than Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger.

Presented by: David Lane

David Lane is an Adelaide boy and is out and about in the local pub music scene. Growing up, he was enamoured with the tunes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Now, he rarely plays a gig without slipping a Cash or Dylan classic in the mix. About a year ago, one became two as Michael O'Flaherty joined the ensemble as the resident banjo player and second vox, and together they have toured all across South Australia. This will be their first fringe show, and they hope for it to be a hit!