Conversare @ Folklore Cafe

Are you an adventurous spirit who appreciates that connecting with others in the present moment of life is what really matters? And may be both highly entertaining and filled with the unexpected!
If so coming along to a Conversare (named from the Latin: con versare - to turn or to dance together) event in the enchanting Folklore Cafe in Port Adelaide will fill you with delight.
For in the hands of a skilled host everyone present engages in lively conversation. In pairs, with someone they don't know (initially!) over a famously fine dinner. Everybody participates fully. With ample opportunity to meet others too.
OK to come by yourself. You and whoever also joins in will be one of the right people to relish convivial encounters over a delicious meal in a spectacular place. Just right 4U?

Presented by: Al Stewart

Was formerly the first academic nutritionist in a medical school (Flinders) in Australia (1975-1994). I have a new career as a Social Artist, particularly as a facilitator of conversations that matter and participatory fun. With a role to reveal to society a new outlook on life and the world. For In our modern, complex and often quite fragmented (and lonely for some) lives there is little opportunity to connect through satisfying conversations other than with people we already know. About a decade ago I invented Conversare while living in Hong Kong as a way to bring people together to experience good connecting in public places, in the hands of a host/facilitator. Much positive feedback encourages me and my colleagues to offer this process in diverse contexts, including fun Fringe events