Adam Page

Music • Interactive
Over a decade ago, multi-instrumentalist Adam Page held a weekly residency to explore and hone his skills in improvising using a looping pedal. Over 1,500 shows later at home and abroad with numerous awards atop his piano, Page returns to this no holds barred approach where no musical rock will be left unturned.

★★★★★ - Three Weeks (Edinburgh)
★★★★★ - This Is Radelaide
★★★★★ - Kryztoff

"It is a rare treat to see a musician with such a masterful grasp of his craft performing with such effortless charisma, humour, and inventiveness. I was blown away. There's no one doing it quite like him". - Tim Minchin.

"ASTONISHING!" - Billy Connolly.

BEST MUSIC - 2017 Adelaide Fringe, 2016 Melbourne Fringe, 2011 Adelaide Fringe, 2009 New Zealand Fringe.
BEST SOLO SHOW - 2009 New Zealand Fringe.

Presented by: Wizard Tone Records

Independent record label based in Adelaide, SA.