AD Astra by Sacred Resonance
Sacred Resonance at Adelaide Planetarium
Sacred Resonance at Adelaide Planetarium

AD Astra: To the Stars - Full Dome Sound Bath

Music • Immersive
South Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Sacred Resonance are back for their 15th Fringe season at Adelaide Planetarium for a totally new 50min experience.

Over 14 live performances, AD Astra invites you to resonate, recharge and resonate your body and mind, in this full dome sound bath.

Come on a meditational journey in a live performance of interdimensional music by Sacred Resonance. Be surrounded by 360 full dome visuals of deep space and otherworldly imagery. Experience harmonic sounds of the music of the spheres as you sit back, relax and float into space in this deeply immersive sound bath experience.

Explore new wonders, to the stars & beyond at Adelaide Planetarium.

★★★★"spectacularly mesmerising" Radio Adelaide 2021 sell out season

"A uniquely moving experience and one not to be missed" The Clothesline 2018 




Presented by: Sacred Resonance

Sacred Resonance

Sacred Resonance is a music, art and educational business run by Darren Curtis (B.A Hon. Mus.Tech) and Bradley Pitt.
They develop immersive experiences and multi-media sound installations merging art and consciousness. They are sound artists & full dome developers in which they explore through data sonificaiton, making the invisible become visible. Producers of eight music albums, and are collaborators and producers on many international multimedia films. They perform at festivals around Australia, Europe and USA, with unique forms of experimental and meditative music. They teach on educational topics such as ethnomusicology, archaeoacoustics and consciousness sciences, presenting the new areas of research.

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