Abandon Ship!

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Musical Theatre
World Premiere
Why do Pirates only ever have half a map?
This swashbuckling musical voyage sees opposing Pirates clans try to put their rivalry aside. When the Blue Eels are forced to Abandon Ship, they seek refuge, using the Pirates code, on the Armageddon with the all girl crew, the Salty Seahags. In this musical comedy our battling buccaneers quest to plunder the legendary Blackbeard's hoard. Is Treasure the be all and end all, and is it all they will find at the end of that map?
With comedy, sea shanties, battles and everything in between, this show is a must for all musical theatre and adventure lovers. Parental Guidance recommended as the show contains some violence and underlying sexual themes.

Presented by: CCtheatreCo.

CCtheatreCo. is an Adelaide based group of actors, singers, dancers and artists who quite simply love to perform, create and entertain. CCtheatreCo. prides itself in utilising the talents and passions of its members, both on and off the stage, giving opportunities for individuals to put their various art forms into practice. CCtheatreCo. started by Caroline Cook (aka CC) in 2014 does not perform to make profit, we just love what we do, and all takings from any shows or events go back into the company for future performances. All we hope for, from each show, is that the audience had as much fun as we did and the costs are covered so our journey does not have to end.