Theatre and Physical Theatre • Social Change
Males are three times more likely to take their own lives while one in eight lives are lost to suicide each day in Australia alone. In this compelling play, you are invited into the lives of a group of young friends and family members coming to terms with the unexpected suicide of Nick - an aspiring young musician who takes his own life after struggling with a dark secret. Their grief is explored through a unique blend of personal stories, courageous monologues and original music. Behind the masks we wear each day, is it possible to overcome grief by revealing who we really are or does it destroy everything we know about ourselves and each other?

Presented by: Talk Out Loud Australia

Talk Out Loud is a not for profit organisation that provides suicide prevention initiatives, activities and programs targeted primarily at young people under 30 and their families.Our programs aim to improve self-esteem and build resilience by openly exploring issues such as self-esteem, sexuality, cyber-bullying, depression and much more with a dynamic group of trained young volunteer leaders. Film, theatre, music, and outdoor education are central to these programs. Using a range of motivational and wellness workshops and our niche weekend youth camps and retreats, we raise awareness for youth mental health and suicide prevention by ‘talking out loud’ about what matters most.