World Fringe Day

On Tuesday, 11 July 2017, we joined other Fringe festivals all over the world in celebrating World Fringe Day

It was day to celebrate the very idea of a 'Fringe', which was first introduced to the world by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 70 years ago. The concept of a 'Fringe' was born as a more democratic alternative to curated festivals, with an open access model allowing for creative freedom across a broad range of artforms. 

Here at Adelaide Fringe, we celebrated and paid hommage to our big sister, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with a celebration featuring a traditional Scottish dance called a 'cèilidh'.

We'd love to see your favourite Fringe memories, so use #worldfringeday on your social posts to share them with us! 


The revelers on the night wished the Edinburgh Festival Fringe a happy 70th birthday - here's to 70 more!


And our friends at illuminart made this incredible animation celebrating 70 years of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe's program covers! #CultureisGREAT