Why be a Fringe Venue?

It's a good idea to think about why you want to be an Adelaide Fringe venue:

Reasons to take part

»   Increase awareness of your venue

»   Build new and strengthen existing audiences

»   Provide a supportive platform for artists

»   Facilitate further links and networks with artists

»   Complement and develop your current venue programming

»   Gain experience in hosting arts events

»   Potential increase in revenue


Benefits of being a Fringe venue

»   Listed in over 320,000 Adelaide Fringe Guides distributed through The Advertiser and various outlets nationally.

»   Promoted on adelaidefringe.com.au (with over 1 million visitors) through a dedicated venues page.

»   Support and advice from the Adelaide Fringe team, from licensing and council approvals through to venue programming and marketing.

»   All your ticketing requirements managed and marketed via FringeTIX.

»   Exclusive product and promotional offers from Adelaide Fringe partners.

»   Access to the Fringe Club for you and your staff.

Header Image. Trentino Priori. Artist. Fuego Carnal.