Street Art Explosion

Adelaide is home to some of the best street art in the world.

Hidden in alleys, nooks, corners and lanes, finding the artworks is an urban adventure and you’re invited to explore. 

Street Art is a celebration of our cultural diversity and invites you to experience different perspectives - let the artworks tell you a story. 


Adelaide Fringe is passionate about supporting artists all year round and creating vibrancy in our suburban and regional areas. 

Each year Fringe commissions Australia’s best emerging and established artists to create large-scale murals across Adelaide city and suburbs, contributing to Adelaide’s international reputation as a vibrant and artistic city. 

Since 2016, Adelaide Fringe has commissioned 40 walls painted by 61 artists through the Street Art Explosion program. 


2021 Elizabeth Close and Thomas Redditt, Adelaide Railway Station


2021 Dave Court, Hawker Street Bowden 

2021 Shane Cook and Seb Humphreys, Deaf Can Do Noarlunga 

2021 Sair Bean, Seafaring Fools Glenelg 

2021 Hari Koutlakis, Gunson Street CBD 


There are over 217 listings on our Street Art Explosion map…and counting! 

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Fringe loves all things street art!

If you have a wall or space that needs a lick of paint or you are an artist looking for a wall to paint, please get in touch via  

Adelaide Fringe relies on grant funding and local government support to pay artists and make projects happen. Keep an eye out for opportunities, some examples listed here:


Street Art in the CBD and North Adelaide

Street Art in Port Adelaide 

Street in our Regions 

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