Street Art Explosion

Now in its third year, the Street Art Explosion program commissions some of Adelaide’s most promising and established artists to create new public murals and street art installations all across Adelaide city and suburbs. Painted in the lead-up to Adelaide Fringe 2018, these new artworks will continue to add to the forever burgeoning and flourishing Adelaide public art scene.

2018 Street Art Explosion Map

Download our 2018 Street Art Explosion map to start exploring the amazing works in and around Adelaide, our use our digital map below to create your art tour. 

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Meet Our 2018 Artists

Mimby Jones Robinson
'Rainbow Queen Love Goddess'
Moger Lane, Adelaide

Mimby Jones Robinson is an Australian artist and creator who specialises in large scale colourful Goddess murals and street art. Mimby’s world is full of colour so it only makes sense for her to draw no line between her life and canvas. Adorned in rainbow attire and never seen without sparkles on her face, glitter in her hair and a colourful flower headdress, her missionin life is to bring as much colour to the world as possible through her vibrant art. Find out more about Mimby here.

Leah Grant
'Let Down Your Hair'

153 Frome Street, Adelaide 

Leah Grant is a visual artist based in Adelaide. Her work is bright, colourful and uplifting. She explores the textures and colours of various mediums, focusing most recently with photography, ink, acrylic and aerosol. Drawing on her own life experiences, relationships and emotions, Leah produces work that is intended to challenge others. Her work encourages a slower pace, to allow room to breathe, reconsider ideas and see a new beauty within. Find out more about Leah, and see some of her past works here

Claire Foxton
'Muriel Matters'
Dawkins Place, Adelaide

Supported by Muriel Matters Society

Claire Foxton is an emerging Australian artist, muralist and designer. Claire’s art practice explores the apex of visual design, fine art and street art through a hybrid of figurative and abstract works. Claire has established a unique style centred around photorealistic subject matter, colour, shape, form and texture. In 2016 she painted her first large scale mural triggering a love for public art, its accessibility and the inevitable exchange it creates between the artist, artwork and the local community. Find out more about Claire here.

Header Image: Photographer Trentino Priori. Artist Leah Grant.

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