Hey Reflect'o x Adelaide Fringe

Grab your Hey Reflect’o x Adelaide Fringe cycling vest!

Hey Reflect’o is a local SA business producing a range of reflective gear, including cycling vests. Adelaide Fringe is collaborating with the local SA made brand to produce a limited edition 2021 Adelaide Fringe design. 

The design is based off the 2021 Adelaide Fringe poster, designed by Polina Tsymbal. 

Vests are:

  • SA handmade
  • Breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Pattern has a black and white eye with pink eye shadow, red caged heart and black diamonds with a lilac background colour 
  • Iris of the eye is reflective and applied by hand and fused onto the fabric
  • Reflective shapes are visible from a distance and peripheral angles
  • All vests have their own unique patterns

Limited edition, buy now