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Our artists, venues and producers are the very backbone of Adelaide Fringe. Without them, we wouldn't have a festival! 

We believe in in supporting bold new ideas and encouraging individuals to take bold risks. In 2021, the Adelaide Fringe Artists Fund distributed $218,000 in grants supporting over 30 projects that challenge, entertain, alter perspectives, push boundaries and bring the WOW to Fringe. Read more below. 

2021 Artist Grant Recipients

Anna Piper Scott (VIC)

Project: Anna Piper Scott: Queer & Present Danger

Anna Piper Scott is one of Australia’s most exciting stand-up comedians. She’s an aggressive, charming, and fabulous trans woman with talent to spare. Queer & Present Danger is an empowering show all about debunking trans myths, the blunt truths about queer life and how to go through puberty two separate times.

Erin Fowler Projects (SA)

Project: EGG

EGG is Erin Fowler’s new solo physical-theatre performance, exploring the decision to become a mother or not. Single and 32, Erin’s eggs, according to a Facebook advert, are set to start “declining.” For $15k she could freeze her eggs, but is that just buying into yet more guilt laden marketing?

Iran Sanadzadeh (SA)

Project: Utter: Stories told by a ghost, a book, and a room

This audiovisual interactive performance uses esoteric technologies and the archived manuscripts of the pioneering dancer, Philippa Cullen, to bring her ideas to life. Utter tells the story of the works left unfinished by Cullen’s untimely death at the age of 25 using improvised music and electronic sounds made from movement.

Lewis Major (SA)

Project: Traffic - Drive-in Performance for Troubled Times

"Traffic" is drive-in performance, created with a diverse cast of extraordinary SA creatives, taking place in vacant parking lots around Adelaide and South Australian regional centres, lit by audience car headlights. The performers tumble and roll across the illuminated asphalt in a tribute to our socially distanced times.

Post Dining (SA)

Project: Eating Tomorrow

Have you ever wondered what the future might look like? Feel like? Taste like? Eating Tomorrow is a back-to-the-future time travel experiment, immersing audiences in prospective scenarios of what our food systems, customs and behaviours might become in fifty years. Taste the fruits of tomorrow, today, with Eating Tomorrow.

Gravity and Other Myths

Project: I Want to Touch You

The creatives behind the Adelaide Fringe favourite, A Simple Space, are back on home soil with their newest creation.

I Want To Touch You traverses the distance between people. 6 acrobats, accompanied by a 3 piece jazz band, will investigate our innate desire to connect, emotionally and physically, and the obstacles that limit this. The current global situation has changed the way we interact, forcing each of us to feel less connected to the world around us. This shared global experience is fertile ground to connect audience and artist in a profound way. Through inhabiting the literal and obscure situations that restrict connection, the GOM ensemble will draw upon physical limitations of separation and avoidance to examine acrobatics as a form and our dependence on touch as the core of our communication.
This new work arrives at a pivotal moment for the Australian arts industry. We have transitioned from living in a time when the world was more connected than it has ever been to enduring an extreme lack of physical connection.
As with all GOM works, the heart of the piece is a celebration of the palpable human connection that manifests between the performer and the audience when experiencing the company’s infectious charm. Experiencing art that investigates our universal need for touch will be refreshing and necessary in processing the past months. 

Scantily Glad Theatre (VIC)

Project: Something in the Water 

Enter the mind of Grumms, a X-men worshiping weirdo as they transform from mild-mannered normal human-girl into a creature from the deep. A “laugh-out-loud funny and infectiously silly" adventure into comic books, monster movies, gender binaries and growing up "normal". Superhero or horrible monster? You decide.

South Australian Playwrights Theatre (SA)

Project: The Deep North

Jay is a Sudanese Australian artist and rapper forced to choose between his community in Port Augusta and a scholarship at an exclusive private school in Adelaide. Does he join the establishment and betray his people, or continue fighting for rights in a town on the edge of a crisis?

Stella Rose Productions (VIC)

Project: Tim Ferguson - Smashing Life

Legendary comedian Tim Ferguson delivers the world premiere of his new inspirational show, Smashing Life, at the 2021 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Tim Ferguson's Smashing Life is a hilarious and inspiring battle of guts and wit. This new show completes Tim's one man show MS Trilogy.

The Latebloomers (SA)

Project: The Bakers

Three bakers, one bakery! Dough up the walls, flour in your eyes. In the midst of a rapidly changing world, a family of traditional bakers fight to keep their business from crumbling and their family bond from tearing apart!

Andi Snelling (VIC)

Project: Happy-Go-Wrong 

Powerhouse performer Andi Snelling is in the fight of her life. Little does she know, she is about to orchestrate her own rescue in this award-winning physical theatre odyssey with unflinching honesty, gut-punching comedy and roller skates.

Caravan Sounds (SA)

Project: Caravan Sounds at Tandanya

FREE live music from diverse First Nations artists to kick off your Fringe season. Bring along your friends and family, enjoy a drink and a bite to eat, as you soak up the sounds and atmosphere and celebrate the opening night of Tandanya’s First Nations Hub.   

Marina Barbaro

Project: Return to the Village

Like the idea of building a cubby house fort with your children? Then this is the show for your family! Enjoy this life-sized, role-playing game where children create and experience their own village.

Michael Griffiths (SA)

Project: Carlotta: I'm Not Dead Yet Darlings 

Sold out at Adelaide Fringe 2019, Carlotta is back with more stories and songs from 50 years on and off the stage. Australian icon, political activist and living legend, Carlotta has led an extraordinary life: good times, bum times, she’s seen them all and my dear, she’s still here.

Rhinestone Rebel Presents (NSW)

Project: The Stars At Noon

An historically accurate, one-woman show that retells the story of The Space Race from the perspective of women. These stories are filled with sacrifice, joy and heartbreak and are a crucial part of the long and winding road of women finding their rightful place among the stars... and amongst men.

Casus Circus (QLD)

Project: Collision

The B-boy meets the Bendy boy. Hip hop and the Hula Hooper. Pop, lock and adagio. COLLISION is a cross pollination of contemporary circus and street dance teaming together two Brisbane powerhouses. Casus Circus and Mad Dance House will bring you a show that will be a COLLISION of senses!

Switch Witchetty's Almanac of Everything

A high-energy fairy tale adventure played on a set of milk-crates, bedsheets, and newspaper swords, Switch has left audiences laughing and singing along from Sydney to Edinburgh. Before the two kings tear the kingdom apart, Switch must choose - hero or fool?A high-energy fairy tale adventure played on a set of milk-crates, bedsheets, and newspaper swords, Switch has left audiences laughing and singing along from Sydney to Edinburgh. Before the two kings tear the kingdom apart, Switch must choose - hero or fool?

Kym's Overall Extravaganza Showcase

Kym Mackenzie is a seasoned Adelaide performer, having lit up stages across Australia and around the world. Now, for the first time, he is appearing as a solo act presenting this exciting showcase. Come and witness a smorgasbord of abilities including comedy, dance, music and spoken word that will leave you with a proud smile! 


2021 South Australian Producer Grant Recipients

Amelia Ryan (SA)

Amelia Ryan is an award winning Cabaret Artist, Writer, Presenter, Mentor and Mum. Since co-winning the 2012 International Cabaret Contest, her critically acclaimed shows have traversed the Australian cabaret circuit, as well as NYC, London and Edinburgh, playing to 5 star reviews and standing ovations. Her self-devised work includes A Storm In A D Cup, Lady Liberty, The Breast Is Yet To Come and Livvy & Pete (with Helpmann award winner Michael Griffiths). In 2019 Amelia received the Adelaide Cabaret Festivals inaugural ‘Frank Ford Commission’ and created UNSUNG - a proud celebration of Australia’s female singers from the 1960s, co-performed with Libby O’Donovan. Amelia mentors both privately, and with the Adelaide Cabaret Festivals Class of Cabaret alongside Michael Griffiths. They’ve recently launched The Cabaret Lab, which is a dedicated education platform for coaching performing artists in the craft of cabaret and self-devised work.


Matthew Briggs - Under The Microscope (SA)

Matthew Briggs is an award-winning Adelaide-based producer and director. For Under The Microscope, his producing and directing credits include Scarred For Life by Josh Belperio (under the mentorship of Michael Griffiths & Amelia Ryan), Louise & Sally on Tin Pan Alley by Louise Page OAM & Sally Greenaway, Mental As Everything by Damon Smith & Adam Coad, and 30,000 Notes by Josh Belperio (under the mentorship of Carl Crossin OAM & Emily Steel). Other producing credits include Dear Malcolm Turnbull by Josh Belperio, which received over 250,000 views on social media. Awards include a weekly Best Cabaret Award (2018 Adelaide Fringe), a weekly John Chataway Innovation Award (2019 Adelaide Fringe), a Best Emerging Producer Award (2019 Adelaide Fringe) and an Adelaide Festival Centre inSPACE Development Award (2019 Adelaide Fringe).


2021 Venue Grant Recipients

The Garage International (SA)

The Garage International is situated in the stunning Adelaide Town Hall (Meeting Hall). They present shows that have a message and focus on the problems of the world today and that can capture and move the audience without having to resort to extravagant props. They wish for the audience to be able to be touched by the artist as a human being. Everyone must feel at home and yet feel they have ventured into a new unknown land.


2021 First Nations Collaboration Grant Recipients

Aborigi-LOL presents (NSW/SA/QLD)

Project: Fire Bucket Fun

44 gallons of laughs and music from three of Australia’s finest. We’ve got a sizzling plate of stand-up and hilarious stories from Dane Simpson and Matt Ford, and a hefty helping of blues and soul from Rob Edwards. You’ll feel like you’re hanging out around a backyard fire spinning yarns.

Balya Productions (SA)

Project: CAN'T EVEN DJ!

ERR, WHAT’S THIS THEN?!! We about to decolonise the dancefloor! CAN’T EVEN DJ! presents a line up of fierce, First Nations DJs premiering their deadly skills on the decks. Get yourself ready to drop it like it’s lubly! We got the beats, you bring the lubly.

Briefs Factory International (QLD)

Project: BRED

BRED is a hard-hitting, high-velocity & heavy-handed variety show celebrating first nations artists & artistry through physical theatre, drag, music, dance, performance art and show-womanship. BRED is a new production from Briefs Factory that proclaims a roll-call of Australia's finest first nations front runners creating a clever cultural cabaret capsizing with charismata!

Cackling Jackal (SA)

Project: The End is High (Concept)

An anthology of comedic vignettes utilising experimental digital theatre making to explore totalitarian dystopias, trans-humanism (the integration of technology and evolution), and the ever-present weight of existential nihilism. It's “Black Mirror” meets “Skithouse” from the people who brought you the Award Winning "Huge News"!

Deadly Nannas (SA)

The Deadly Nannas are a group of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal women performing songs. We have 2 non-Aboriginal women who we have adopted into our group because we are passionate about Reconciliation and building bridges with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people . Our songs are mainly in our Ngarrindjeri language.

Inma (SA)

Iwiri, Electric Fields and SA First Nations Dance Collective presents 'Inma', a dance and music performance. Featuring Adelaide Fringe Ambassadors, Electric Fields LIVE this Fringe!

Creative Direction: Diana Sautelle & Gina Rings
Production: Diana Sautelle & Gina Rings
Director of Choreography: Gina Rings
Music Direction: Diana Sautelle
Music Production: Michael Ross
Music Director IWIRI: Sam Osbourne
Music by Electric Fields: Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross
Choreography by SA First Nations Dance Collective
Lighting: Aidan Tothill - Colourblind
Audio: Chris Prendergast

Karul Projects (QLD)


[MIS]CONCEIVE is our 2016 Green Room Award Winning and 2020 Best Dance at Adelaide Fringe show. 4 performers dissecting the stereotypes and pre conceived ideas of what an Aboriginal person is supposed to look and act like within todays society.

Katie Aspel (SA)

Project: Katie Aspel Live

Proud Ngarrindjeri Singer/songwriter Katie Aspel will share her story and Culture through Music and Dance. A 60 minute showcase of original songs, stories, language and culture. Katie's debut full length, in theatre show will feature her original songs as well as Ngarrindjeri dancers.

Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute (SA)

Project: Yerta Palti Meyunna – Ceremony of People & Country

Tandnaya invites you to ‘Yerta Palti Meyunna – Ceremony of People & Country’. As the sun sets, join us as we pay respect to this sacred place – Meyunna (Kaurna) Yerta (Land). Led by Karl Winda Telfer and Yellaka to experience dance, fire, ceremony, song, cultural sharing and story from this sacred country.

The Jack and Annie Show

Jack and Annie are two eccentric and slightly deranged siblings with one goal: air the greatest talk show of all time! But watch what happens when things don’t go to plan and these two hungry little co-hosts discover that even the sweetest dreams come at a sticky price.


Project: Mi;Wi 3027 Readings

Mi:Wi 3027 explores the friendship between Roland Carter, a Ngarrindjeri man, and Leonhard Adams, German anthropologist. World War I, Roland was incarcerated in camp for prisoners of special interest. There Leonhard, newly graduated from the University of Berlin, was sent to interrogate these POWs about their cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

Yakkana Productions

Project: Song

'Song’ is an intimate, one-woman, performance, workshop and cultural sharing presented by proud Kaurna-Nurrunga performance maker Devi Telfer. In a very intimate setting, a limited audience will be invited to this innovative storytelling & workshop experience, incorporating song, dance and personal story that touches on identity and belonging.

Na Djinang Circus

Project: Common Dissonance

In the 21st Century when we believe in both science and spirituality – how can we navigate the complex dialogues of contemporary culture? Featuring two contemporary circus this work aims not only to explore the harmony and conflict of contemporary Australian reasoning, but to find a Common Dissonance.

Yellaka (SA)

Project: Circles and Squares

Our Grandparents torn from their sacred circles. Forced to assimilate into colonisers squares. Families, deprived of our cultural birth rites, left to recover and repair. Circles and Squares powerfully captures the living pain of the past in the present and immerses you in our ways of spiritual and cultural recovery.

Kevin Kropinyeri

Project: Kevin Kropinyeri Goes Talkabout

Kev is a proud Ngarrindjeri man. He has experienced challenges, failures and success. In this heartwarmingly humble and hilarious hour, one of Australia’s premier comedians opens up about his colourful and checkered past, brings his own truth, and his comedy A game!

 Mala Band

Mala Band are spreading their positive music and culture with audiences this Fringe! From Amata in Central Australia, in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, these talented Wati (men) perform for the first time outside of APY Communities. Share in musical stories and Inma dances about their lands and cultures.


2021 George Street Residencies Recipients

Eugeniusz Lipczyk (SA)
Jake Shaw (SA)


2021 The Mill Centre Stage Residency

FRANK. Theatre

Project: The Baroque

'The Baroque' is running free in hedge mazes and drinking champagne from nude fountains. Bursting with silliness Swedish clown Oliver Nilsson (The Latebloomers' 'Scotland!' & ‘The Bakers’) will charm and titillate in this rollercoaster of stupidity, slapstick and the sublime. 'The rubber-faced Nilsson - a kind of tall, Nordic Rowan Atkinson.' (The West Australian)

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