Artists are the DNA of Adelaide Fringe.

We believe in supporting artists to present new work and ensuring all South Australian’s can experience the magic of the Fringe.

In 2019 the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund will support 16 projects that challenge, entertain and alter perspectives - view the list of recipients below. 

“We would not have been able to do this season without the Artist Fund and the support we received from the festival. The support and the funds got us to Adelaide, gave us a roof over our heads, spread the word, connected us with new audiences and producers, so we could work our butts off and deliver a smash hit season. Thanks you from the bottom of our glittery hearts and see you next year.” -  Tessa Waters, Glittery Clittery; A Consensual Party - Previous Artist Fund Grant Recipient

2019 Recipients

Clare Bartholomew

Project: The Long Pigs

A profound, stylistically and visually arresting performance, rooted in physical and black comedy about prejudice, suspicion of ‘other’ and the horror of the ‘unknown stranger’. 

Perceived as an underground clown cult, these three dark and deliciously evil ‘clown scalpers’, The Long Pigs work, play and ritualize ethnic cleansing by stripping the very symbol of innocence from their distant (and once red nosed) ‘happy circus’ cousins.

In a murky soup of mutual distrust and suspicion, promises made are constantly broken and the gang ultimately turns on itself in a fatally funny and destructive climax.

The Long Pigs is a cruel joke.

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Jacqui Clarke

Project: Tandanya's Cultural Experience 

During the period of Fringe 2019, in conjunction with Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute serving as the main venue for Fringe (AJZ Productions). A showcase of cultural workshops and talks held in conjunction with Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute.

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Ukulele Death Squad

Projects: FRUKE FEST - South Australia's Fringe Ukelele Festival

The Adelaide Ukulele Fest is a one-day celebration of all things Ukulele. See the best Ukulele groups from across Australia perform and play these four stringed instruments like never before. Take part in Ukulele workshops and Jam sessions, cast your gaze across the Ukulele Trading Co. wide range of ukuleles or flip through a few pages at the Ukulele Book Shop. Bring some friends, bring your kids and most importantly, bring a ukulele!

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Kasey Gambling

Project: The Maze

A nervous glance. A cat call. The sound of footsteps behind her on a dark suburban street at night. In a unique, site-specific multimedia experience, The Maze asks you to pull back the veil on the menace lurking around every corner for women each day.

The Maze allows a single audience member to witness firsthand the fear and paranoia of one woman walking alone at night. With the audio of the woman’s internal monologue, the audience becomes a spectator to incidents of harassment that blur the line between bystander and participant; The Maze is an immersive, site-specific piece.

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Casus Circus

Project: Chasing Smoke

Chasing Smoke is an evocative and triumphant performance by Australia’s only Indigenous contemporary circus ensemble.

Both playful and brave, Chasing Smoke is the spark that ignites the question ‘Who am I?’, when you have 40,000 years of history to sift through in search of an answer.

Take a glimpse into the world’s oldest living culture told through the art form of contemporary circus.

A dynamic, fast-moving and touching performance, Chasing Smoke stokes the fires of identity, challenge and success for a unique cohort of young Australians.

WINNER of the 2017 Green Room Awards for Best Contemporary Circus.

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Leah Shelton

Project: Bitch on Heat

A new work by psycho siren Leah Shelton, Directed by renowned UK performance art provocateur Ursula Martinez.

This decadent banquet of lethal lip-synch, caged pole-dance and sultry surrealism is an untamed (s)exploration of the female body and power in the age of implied consent.

Dropping Pandora’s box squarely into the age of all-you-can-eat, this is a pop-fuelled critique of the vintage sexism we love to hate and hate to love.

Welcome to the doghouse. This Bitch doesn't heel, She bites back.

“doesn’t just push boundaries, annihilates them” The Creative Issue

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Lewis Major

Project: Epilogue

Epilogue is at once a deconstruction of and a meditation on, classicism and the role that beauty has played in the shaping of the Western canon. Epilogue counterposes this beauty against the horrors of colonialism and a culture that has wrought devastation on other traditions and their differing conceptions of beauty.

In this stunning solo work conceived by Lewis Major and danced by Pascal Marty, soloist with Gothenburg Operdans, LGBTQ+ member and descendant of a culture nearly destroyed by colonial powers, Epilogue weaves a hopeful story of redemption and empowerment to a live piano score performed by Carine Chen.

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Mama Alto


Project: Exquisite (An Evening with Mama Alto)

Jazz singer, cabaret artiste and gender transcendent diva Mama Alto returns to Adelaide. Fierce, femme and fabulous, she combines sumptuous and sublime vocals with ravishing and revelatory storytelling. Let her torch songs open your heart, let her velvet voice caress you, and let your imagination take flight. Accompanied by multi-instrumentalist wunderkind William Elm, and described as "divine" (Havana Tribune), "near flawless" (The Age) and "hypnotically elegant and mysterious" (Adelaide Advertiser), Mama Alto is an Adelaide Fringe cabaret phenomenon not to be missed.

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Project: Spirit

‘Spirit’ is the latest creation presented and performed by Karl Winda Telfer, Senior Kaurna Custodian and Yellaka. 

This moving new work will theatrically weave together story, song, dance, fire, language and image from this county. Breathing life into some of our most ancient stories, teaching us to look, learn and listen, the importance of truth-telling and the vale of respect. 

Performed at Tandanya Theatre as part of Adelaide Fringe 2019, ‘Spirit’ is show for families and audiences are invited to bring a small stick to place in the ‘Spirit’ -  fire of peace.

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Under The Microscope

Project: 30,000 Notes

Josh Belperio has 4,434 notes in his iPhone, 3,923 voice memos, 3 drawers full of handwritten notes,
and scores of original compositions totalling over 100,000 musical notes.

He also has 39 VHS tapes that his Nonna left him. With an upright piano, a virtual string quartet and choir of 16, and 30,000 notes, watch Josh weave a story of finding love, of finding who we can love, and how we can carry with us those who are no longer here.

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Michaela Burger

Project: A Migrant's Son

Created and performed by award winning cabaret star Michaela Burger [Exposing Edith], A Migrant's Son is a true story exploring migration from Greece to Australia during the 1930's. This extraordinary new work conveys incredible historical stories that are brought to life through original compositions, creating a unique and touching account that is both hard-hitting and hilarious.

The cabaret tale tells of a young Greek man who defies the odds and rises above adversity. His unrelenting determination to build a successful life is comical and dramatic- he is an unstoppable force and is willing to sacrifice everything for his family.

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Nathan Sibthorpe


TRUTHMACHINE uses a working polygraph machine to examine the idea of truth in a post-truth era. A small group of participants gather under the watchful gaze of each other, as our interrogator administers a lie detector test. Some questions will be easy, others less so. By the end we'll realise that some questions are unreliable.

The polygraph used to be regarded as a legal instrument. But today it's commonly accepted that the machine can be cheated. Together we will bend the truth and start from scratch. Let's see if your heart rate can lie as effectively as our leaders can...

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Theresa O’Connor

Project: Inside the Walls, A Giant Pop-up Book Ghost Story!

Experience a dark tale of spooky proportions that literally pops up from the page. Prepare for unexpected surprises, scary shadows and shoes that walk themselves!

Inside the Walls is a cinematic theatre experience which is designed for children to overcome their fears & further their imagination. The intricate design mixes the age-old art of popup books and storytelling with modern technology and trickery. Paper engineering, puppets, projection, videography, electronics, contraptions, shadow puppetry, magic and a surround sound design; what more could be jam-packed into one little show!

Are you ready for what’s Inside the Walls?

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Wendy Dixon-Whiley

Project: Contrapasso

A visual arts exhibition designed to overwhelm the senses. 'Contrapasso' is a solo exhibition by Visual Artist Wendy Dixon-Whiley consisting of 524 individual works which aims to bring the epic 13th Century poem ‘Inferno’ by Dante Alighieri to modern audiences. The exhibition will be held at the historic Hahndorf Academy in the Adelaide Hills. One of the country's most popular tourist destinations, this exhibition is sure to bring the Adelaide Fringe Festival to new audiences from both Australia and Internationally. This is a chance for the Adelaide Fringe Festival to leave an even bigger footprint in regional areas.

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