2-4-1 Tickets to Fuego Carnal


Fuego Carnal is a heart racing display of phenomenal high risk arts from around the globe. 2016 & 2017 saw it win 5 star reviews, 2 awards and the hearts of those who came. Fuego is Spanish for fire and is the rails on which runs this “rollercoaster of wild stunts, exotic beats, mesmerising flames, packed full of magical jaw-dropping moments, fuelled by sensual choreography and a wicked sense of humour”. ★★★★★ - Scenestr, 2017.

“This is Circus flambé indeed, full of the wow factor that takes circus well out of the ordinary" ★★★★★ - The Advertiser, 2017.

Fringe Members can score 2-4-1 tickets to Fuego Carnal on Monday 12th March. See below for more details!

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