Response to Smashed- The Brunch Party review by Scenstr

Published: Thu, Mar 11 2021
Posted in Media Releases


Adelaide Fringe stands in full support of Smashed - The Brunch Party, in their request for a public apology from Scenestr. Whilst the racially motivated comments in the review were rightfully corrected by Scenestr, the request by the artists for an apology has not yet been met. This is something, we believe, should be remedied by Scenestr immediately.

We want to extend our full support to the artists through what must be an exhausting and deeply upsetting time. Adelaide Fringe is an open access festival which celebrates and welcomes diversity and is committed to listening, learning and relearning in order to improve both the organisation, our festival and the wider community.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, Adelaide Fringe believes you should never encounter racism. Discrimination is not tolerated in the Adelaide Fringe community.

Adelaide Fringe is in discussions with the artists and team involved in Smashed - The Brunch Party and has made contact with Scenestr seeking an apology for their racist comments.


Adelaide Fringe.