Holden Street Theatres' Edinburgh Award Winners

Published: Mon, Sep 5 2016
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Each year, the Holden Street Theatres Edfringe Award is one of the most sought after at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This year, two exciting new works were chosen as winners, and will tour to Adelaide as part the 2017 Adelaide Fringe.

At this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, judges Marth Lott, Gary McNair of A Gambler’s Guide to Dying (2015 winner), Richard Jordan and Paul Lucas selected Angel by Henry Naylor and Scorch to headline Holden Street Theatres’ 2017 Adelaide Fringe program.

Angel by Henry Naylor

Kobane, 2014: there’s a siege as fierce as Stalingrad. ISIS, having steam-rollered through Iraq, expect to take the town easily. But the citizens have found a heroine: a crackshot sniper, with 100 kills to her name. And she appears indestructible. She’s the Angel of Kobane. The third play in Henry Naylor’s award-winning Middle Eastern trilogy. 

Starring Avital Lvova and Directed by Michael Cabot.


For those who don’t feel like they’re in the right life the web is a place to be yourself. ‘Happiness. Aching, constant, consuming – on there it’s more real than real life. I’m honest on there. I’m being honest. That’s important.’ Out in the real world though, things can be very different. A story of first love, Scorch examines how the human story often gets lost amidst the headlines. "meticulously researched, award winning"

Starring Amy McAllister, Directed by Emma Jordan and Written by Stacey Gregg.


We can’t wait to see these fantastic new works touch down in Adelaide as part of the 2017 Adelaide Fringe!