A Very Special Announcement

Published: Fri, Feb 17 2017
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A Very Special Announcement

As this year's Adelaide Fringe begins, we've got something to share with you and we want you to hear it straight from the unicorn's mouth.

Thanks to $1 million in funding from the State Government, Adelaide Fringe will become the most affordable Fringe festival in Australia for artists to take part in and will, in turn, be more affordable than ever for audiences.

This funding will allow us to abolish the inside charge for artists on tickets under $35 and halve the inside charge on tickets over $35 for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe.

So what does this all mean? It means that Adelaide Fringe will put more money into the pockets of the amazing artists who make the festival what it is. It means that audiences will see more affordable ticket prices than ever. It means that Adelaide Fringe will be able to continue to attract a diverse and high calibre range of artists.

The funding will start in time for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe.

"We set our sights on becoming the most affordable Fringe for artists, audiences and venues and with support from the State Government we’ve been able to achieve that goal." Our Director and CEO, Heather Croall said.  

We're committed to growing our ticket sales to 1 million by 2022 and substantially increasing the number of interstate and international visitors to Adelaide during Fringe time. This funding will also allow us to build a marketing campaign with the South Australian Tourism Commission to target these potential visitors and boost cultural tourism numbers as well as South Australia's economy. 

So this is good news! It's good news for artists, it's good news for audiences and it's good news for South Australia.

The 2017 Fringe is just beginning, so make the most of it. Support the artists who put their blood, sweat and tears into every show, see or do something every night and love it while it's here. 

Happy Fringe!