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› Tea Towel Co x Adelaide Fringe Collab in 2021

Mon, Mar 15 2021

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Here at the Fringe, we're all about supporting artists and local businesses, resulting in an exciting collaboration with the beloved SA brand Tea Towel Co for our 2021 merch.

› Performances that reminisce on the memorable music of the 1980's

Wed, Mar 10 2021

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The 1980's brought us incredible music, and 2021 brings us plenty of talented musicians bringing that music back to life on stages across South Australia!

› Surprise, pop-up party spots to enjoy this Fringe

Mon, Mar 8 2021

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From lounging lawn-parties to upbeat, all-night-long street parties - there are plenty of pop-up spots to enjoy this Fringe, all supported by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund.

› Late Night Fringe - Your Fabulous Fringe Club Substitutes

Tue, Mar 2 2021

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This year, the beloved late-night Fringe Club experience will be available in multiple locations to support Adelaide venues after a tough 2020!

› Feast on Fringe’s food-themed performances and events

Mon, Mar 1 2021

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Our universal love of food has inspired not only chefs and restaurateurs around the world, but also an array of hungry Fringe performers!

› Adelaide Fringe committed to access within the arts

Thu, Feb 25 2021

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Adelaide Fringe cements its commitment to improving accessibility in this year’s festival and the broader arts community with the release of the 2021 Access Guide.

› What's (literally) lighting up the Adelaide Fringe!

Tue, Feb 23 2021

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From the use of light to create immersive, large-scale visual delights to the utilisation of projection of light to help tell stories and sell intricate theories, and exploring the fascinating scientific intricacies of light itself.

› A beverage-filled Fringe lineup worth cheersing too!

Fri, Feb 19 2021

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Some of us enjoy a sneaky alcoholic beverage (or two), and so do some of our performers.

› Get set for arts and wonder - Adelaide Fringe opening weekend has arrived!

Thu, Feb 18 2021

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After a year like no other, Adelaide Fringe 2021 is finally here – bringing bursts of colour, celebration and fun to South Australia over 31 magical days and nights.

› Explore unique, unusual and unheard-of Adelaide locations with Fringe

Wed, Feb 17 2021

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Just when you think you’ve been everywhere in South Australia, the Fringe opens up a whole new world of unique, unusual, historic and otherwise un-accessible Adelaide locations for you to enjoy.