Meet our 2021 Poster Artist

Polina Tsymbal is the artist behind our 2021 Adelaide Fringe poster, Frederique Fringe. Her winning Poster Competition entry aimed to 'create an image that tells people where society encourages us to blend in, the Fringe urges you to let down your hair and be your remarkable, extraordinary self'. Of her character, Frederique, she said: 'Adelaide Fringe is really the essence of having the freedom of who you want to be and how you want to do it and they encapsulate just that'.

Polina moved to Australia from Russia in 2015 as an international student. Originally encouraged to enter the poster competition by an art teacher a couple of years ago, it was only this year the freelance digital illustrator took the opportunity to enter.

'I’m really excited because for me it’s a big deal (winning the competition),' she said. 

'For me, I came to Australia in 2015 as an international student, it was the start of February, the Fringe season was on and I was excited about the atmosphere, the shows, the people enjoying themselves.'

Polina said due to working at home throughout COVID-19, she was able to study and meet the brief of the competition.

'I had time to make my research and to read through the brief. You had to look at it (the brief) from two perspectives – the creative contribution (the artistic side) but also the functional side (because it was going to be used in different sizes). They were asking to make your design functional as well.'

She explained that by using simple shapes and colour, she was able to show the atmosphere of Fringe and what the Fringe meant to her.

'The city comes alive. It’s the celebration of arts and expressing yourself in any way possible – performing arts, visual arts, food stalls, local businesses doing their best – it’s the whole atmosphere.'